Something that is often overlooked throughout the winter is keeping our feet insulated. Wearing the correct footwear is great - but unless they are warm, dry and cosy they are not going to be too happy.   Did you know that most of our body heat is lost through the hands and feet?  Human feet contain lots of blood vessels which open up for blood flow - allowing heat to escape. Also, the muscles in the hands and feet do not produce much heat so they are harder to warm up than other parts of the body!

Not only do cold feet feel extremely unpleasant, they do actually have some pretty negative effects. Having cold feet may lead to a drop in your overall body temperature which will make it significantly harder to fall asleep at night. If your feet are warm the heat can be redistributed throughout the entire body allowing you to slip into a nice, deep sleep. Now telling people to wear socks to bed will divide opinion but the warmth will keep you going though out the night!

With daily exercise being crucial to staying healthy particularly at this time, our fleece lined boots are what you need this winter. Legero Novara for women is a fantastic boot, lined with Goretex technology and fleece on the inside. This  lightweight boot will keep your feet warm, dry, insulated and supported no matter the conditions. Also if you are a fan of our Joya shoes, the Montana and  the Innsbruck ranges have similar weatherproofing with all the benefits of Joya cushioning technology.

If you would like to learn more, Age UK have some fantastic tips on how to keep your feet warm and dry this winter.