Are you trying to adhere to an exercise regime, but struggling to find a trainer shoe which fits your problem feet?  Osteoarthritis can cause really painful feet and ankles, leading to a loss of the pleasure of walking.  Some other common problems we see in your shops are people with swollen feet and ankles, hammer toes, bunions and also people with a full length orthosis (shoe insert) which take up a lot of room in a shoe.

Normal sports trainers are not easily available in extra wide and deep fittings, and the seams can rub your skin if your feet are wide or you have some foot deformities.  If you have diabetes, it is crucial that you do not wear a trainer which rubs or pinches, as any small injury to your feet could develop into an ulcer.  You really want to be able to put on a trainer, some good quality sports socks and just be able to walk with comfort, particularly with summer around the corner and the longer days.

YDA trainers are the answer to these problems for many people now.  These shoes are lightweight, deep, wide and seam free.  They have a spring plate in the bottom of the shoe, so really do put a spring in your step, assisting with walking.  The topline around the ankle and heel is beautifully padded, so they don’t rub your skin.  Foot orthoses fit in easily, and even an AFO (ankle/foot orthosis) will fit in. People who have CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth) disease, who have had a stroke or a spinal injury, often are fitted with an AFO.  Elastic laces are fitted in the shoes to help people who have difficulty with fastening laces, however they also include regular laces in the box.  Or they are perfect if you just have really wide feet!