YDA - They really will put a spring in your step!

This week we would like to highlight one of our very successful and popular shoes - the Your Daily Activity (YDA) trainers. Yes, at ShoeMed we do really have the ability to put a spring in your step - as these shoes have a spring plate carefully hidden in the sole!  So YDA trainers are designed to relieve your feet and ankles from some of the pressure of walking - simply put, when you walk in these shoes they can help do some of the work for you.The YDA Vault trainer in Grey  

So, why a spring plate in the base of these shoes? The spring plate is fundamentally designed to take away the flex of the toes - an area often made painful from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. The spring plate, combined with the curved and cushioning rocker sole, are designed to emphasise the natural rolling motion of the foot.  This will encourage pressure distribution over a wider surface area and less flexion of the forefoot, so if the bones hurt when they move, theses shoes help. YDA shoes help to reduce painful spots in the feet including the heel, which is always a problem area if you suffer from plantar fasciitis.Here we can see the shape of the sole, and as you can see it is nice and flat at the heel & forefoot so will not compromise your balance.

YDA trainers are much wider & deeper in comparison to conventional footwear and feature a removable footbed, making them an extremely effective problem solver if you need to use your own inserts. You may have foot orthoses from your podiatrist to correct your gait, an ankle brace or perhaps an AFO (ankle/foot orthosis) - all of these are easily accommodated in the YDA shoes.  If you have diabetes and have wide feet, you will know the importance of having correctly fitted footwear to help prevent foot ulcers. These shoes are also completely seam free so nothing to irritate the skin.So, don't delay - get a pair of these to help keep up Your Daily Activity to stay healthy and happy!