Footbalance Insoles and Digital scanning

Footbalance inserts customise the fit of your shoes for added comfort. Available at ShoeMed Canterbury.

Free Foot Scan

Did you know 75% of the adult population suffers from misalignment? Footbalance insoles customise your shoes for added comfort and support.

Receive a free digital foot-scan in-store with advice from a specialist trained shoe-fitter. In just ten minutes we can assist you in understanding your foot type and body alignment. 

Personalise your fit

Personalise the fit of your footwear with custom Footbalance inserts. Using digital scanning technology, ShoeMed can create custom footbeds to match your foot shape and arch height. Your feet are unique, so why wouldn't your shoes be? 

Our 100% custom insoles are moulded in-store whilst you wait by our trained shoe-fitters. 

Insoles for all types of footwear

Customised insoles from Footbalance can be used with most footwear. ShoeMed can fit new and existing footwear with footbalance insoles. Book today and experience the added comfort.

Whether you're looking for additional comfort and support during long hikes, work days, strolls around town or evenings out, Footbalance insoles can support you!

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In under ten minutes receive a FREE digital footscan to better understand your alignment and needs. Our expert in-store team can assist you in understand your scan and provide expert footwear advice. 

You can also experience added comfort with Footbalance, 100% custom insoles are moulded to your foot shape. With cushioning and shock absorption, Footbalance insoles keep your body feeling fresh.

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