In Store Experience

When you visit ShoeMed, you are assured of a friendly welcome and a one-to-one customer service experience.  Our shops are comfortable and offer a relaxed, professional environment ensuring that your visit to us will be a pleasure.  We will greet you, then measure your feet and listen to your concerns regarding your foot problems and shoe fitting issues. 
We understand that you may have visited many shoe shops and wasted money on shoes over the years. Every team member at ShoeMed is trained to recognise common foot complaints and to understand the effect of chronic diseases, such as arthritis and diabetes on the feet.  Our aim in-store is to help identify the best possible shoe for your feet and to accommodate inserts if need be.  Your podiatrist, foot health practitioner or other health professional is welcome to write us a referral for you and we will be happy to liaise with them as required. If you wish, we will also keep a shoe fitting record for you so that your next visit can be even more personalised.
Additional to our shoes we also offer a wide selection of shoe inserts designed to help with arch support, heel & forefoot pain, and other conditions. We have a static pressure scanner in both Stratford-Upon-Avon and Canterbury, providing an experience to show the excessive pressure points underneath your feet, helping us identify the best solutions. We also stock high quality speciality socks to help promote blood circulation, and other types of socks for arthritis and diabetes.