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At ShoeMed we've helped thousands of people lead a more active lifestyle and find comfort from their medical conditions through Joya Shoes. Karl and Claudio Muller, who’s family previously developed MBT, started developing Joya in 2006 as a new type of comfort shoe. The family had a clear vision to give the ultimate walking sensation with added health benefits. Since then, Joya has sold over 2 million shoes world-wide, bringing a wide range of women's and men's comfort styles.

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About Joya Shoes

What styles do Joya sell?

Joya Shoes originally focus on rocker styles. However, developments in Joya Technology has allowed the comfort and health benefits to be intertwined with a new range of styles, featuring: Trainers, Sandals, Formal and Rocker shoes.

Are Joya shoes waterproof?

Many Joya styles feature a PTX Prooftex water-repellent membrane. Prooftex is a unique patented lining, combining multiple layers of single-fibre capillaries. Joya PTX is breathable and ideal for outdoor walking. Joya shoes that include a waterproof lining include: Women's Montana and Men's Innsbruck. Santiago and Bliss feature the water resistant Sympatex lining.

Are Joya shoes Vegan?

With the rise in Vegan footwear, Joya has introduced a range of Vegan shoes. The Women’s ID Zoom II Black Pink, Women’s Electra in Light Blue, Grey and Pink II, SR Black, Men’s Flash, ID Zack II, Santiago STX and Flash SR are all vegan friendly.

Are Joya shoes made from Leather?

Alongside the Vegan options, Joya shoes offers a range of premium leather shoes. Full grain leather Joya styles are manufactured from leather made from the top split of the hide. Each full grain leather style is durable and extremely breathable. Joya also offers velour leather, a ultra-smooth velvet like material, with extra breathability. Nubuck Leather styles utilise full grain leather with a buffed surface. Nubuck styles feature a soft touch finish. Women’s leather Joya’s include the Emma range, Vancouver and Rachel. Men’s leather styles include the Traveller, Paso Fino, Mustang and Innsbruck.

What is Joya sole technology?

Patented Joya sole technology provides a comfortable platform for walking and standing all day. Thanks to its protected status, you will not see the Joya Shoes technology in any other footwear. Joya shoes promote the natural way of walking, promoting the active roll of the foot.

Why do Joya shoes have different soles?

Joya shoes styles are designed for different purposes, from work to casual and every-day. Therefore, Joya has developed a range of four sole technologies to fit each purpose. The range of sole technologies allows you to find the one perfectly suited to your needs and fitting.

What is Joya shoes Curve technology?

The Curve sole by Joya shoes is an evolution of the traditional rocker shoe. The rounded sole unit and biomechanically shaped metatarsalgia roller create a stimulating balancing effect. This helps to active and strengthen muscles in the lower body area. The five-piece sole construction features an activator, designed to promote good posture, helping to prevent back pain and joint problems. Women’s Joya styles featuring Curve technology include the: ID Zoom II , ID Jewel and ID Casual. Men’s Joya Curve styles include the: ID dress black, ID Casual Black and ID Zack.

What is Joya shoes Wave technology?

Joya wave soles are designed to offer additional width with additional cushioning. Each Joya wave styles feature a removable second sensorimotor insole. Removing this increases the width of the shoe, making Wave an excellent choice for wide fitting feet. Joya shoes wave styles are designed to work with orthotics. Women’s wave styles include the Venice and Waikiki. The men’s Cancun and Peter are built upon the Wave sole unit.

What is the Joya Senso Technology?

Senso by Joya shoes provides extra cushioning in the heel and forefoot area, offering additional relief from long periods of walking or standing. Designed for people with sensitive backs, feet and joints, Senso soles help to reduce stress and impact. Senso shoes offer additional cushioning in the midsole area. Women’s Audrey and Laura utilise Joya’s Senso technology. Men’s Edward, Fisherman, Mustang and Paso Fino feature the Senso sole.

What is Air technology by Joya shoes?

Air sole technology by Joya Shoes is a five-piece construction designed to offer additional width in the heel and forefoot area. Air shoes are an excellent choice for an active lifestyle and work, providing all day relief from walking and standing. Women’s Bali, Electra and Tina II feature the air sole. Within the men’s range, the Flash, Dynamo, Santiago and Tony II, all feature the air sole.

How do Joya Sizes convert?

Joya shoes convert in 2/3 European sizes. Please see our men’s and women’s size guide below (Size conversion may vary by style):

UK 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 5.5
EU 34 1/3 35 35 2/3 36 1/3 37 37 2/3 38 1/3 39
UK 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5
EU 39 2/3 40 1/3 41 41 2/3 42 1/3 43 43 2/3 44 1/3
UK 10 10.5 11 11.5 12 12.5 13
EU 45 45 2/3 46 1/3 47 47 2/3 48 1/3 49


Are Joya shoes slip resistant?

Many Joya work styles feature SR anti-slip technology. This features a both specialist rubber compounds and tread designed approved for slippery surfaces. Joya shoes with SR technology include the women’s Electra SR Black and Men’s Flash SR Black.

Are Joya shoes slip resistant?

Many work environments require shoes with electrostatic discharge. Shoes featuring ESD technology neutralises electrostatic charges through copper micro-conductors built into the sole unit. Joya shoes featuring ESD technology are approved ESD safety shoes. This includes the men’s IQ ESD.

Are Joya shoes suitable for children?

Any age group can benefit from the unique cushioning and comfort of Joya Shoes. Joya shoes manufacture shoes from a UK size 2.

How do Joya shoes differ from MBT shoes?

The Muller family originally introduced MBT to the market as a medical device. Since then, they have used advanced in technology to develop Joya shoes. Unlike MBT Masia Barefoot Technology, Joya Shoes are designed as a comfort everyday shoes with unique health benefits. Unlike MBT shoes, Joya shoes use the newer technology polyurethane in the entirety of the sole. Polyurethane is an ultra-soft material found only in and around the heel of MBT shoes. MBT shoes feature a static plate to provide a rocker effect. Joya shoes embraces the natural movement of the foot, utilising a small cushioned activator in Curve styles to achieve a smoother rocker sensation. Joya shoes helps to active small muscles in the foot, thanks to the freedom of movement. This more precisely targets areas and promotes a more natural and comfortable way of walking than with MBT. With Joya shoes, there is no need for gait training and a learning period, unlike with traditional MBT.

Are Joya shoes suitable for work?

Thanks to options with ESD technology, anti-slip and water-resistance, there is a Joya style for all work scenarios. Joya shoes offers a formal range for office use, with the women’s Emma and Athena. The Men’s Paso Fino, Mustang and Peter are regularly used in formal work scenarios, thanks to the comfort of the Joya sole and smart finish.

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Can I use Joya shoes for sensorimotor exercise?

Sensorimotor exercise is designed to active the smaller muscles around the joints and within the feet. Carrying out the exercise of a soft, moving surface helps to activate the necessary muscles, helping to reduce the load on both joints and spinal discs. Joya shoes outline their styles are recommended by doctors and gait specialists.

Are Joya shoes good for plantar fasciitis?

The soft sole of each Joya shoe helps to reduce the pressure on the instep of the foot, where plantar fasciitis is experienced. If your inflammation has already developed into a heel spur, the soft finish of Joya can help reduce pressure. The patented sole technology makes Joya shoes a great Plantar Fasciitis Shoes.

Who are AGR and why do they recommend Joya Shoes?

The Forum Health Back for Better Living and Federal Association of German Back Schools recommended Joya as being partially good for the back and the worlds softest shoe. Joya shoes is the only footwear brand to hold AGR certification for its entire range. AGR certification proves Joya shoes have passed independent medical testing.

I have a back problem, are Joya shoes suitable for me?

The cushioned sole of Joya shoes helps to reduce the impact on the back and joints, which can be beneficial for back problems. Joya prevents the impact from hard surfaces such as concreate and flat ground and are certified by AGR as being particularly good for the back.

Are Joya suitable for diabetes?

Joya shoes are diabetic friendly and suitable for both Type 1 and Type 2 suffers. Wearing Joya can help stimulate blood flow to the legs and improve the sensorimotor system. This can act as a preventative measure for those who develop neurovascular problems. ShoeMed always recommends speaking to a health professional or specialist shoe fitter regarding the exact fit of your shoes.

Are Joya shoes suitable for my foot pain?

The soft sole unit featured in all Joya shoes helps to reduce the load on your heel, forefoot and midfoot. Reducing stresses through your joints and muscles can help to alleviate foot pain.

Are Joya’s good for my fallen arches?

Over time, the sole of each Joya style moulds to the shape of your foot. Joya shoes helps to promote the natural way of walking, using the outer side of your foot, this can help reduce the stress put on your arches.

Are Joya shoes orthotic friendly?

Joya shoes are suitable for orthotics. ShoeMed recommends styles featuring the wave sole for use with inserts, due to the removeable second insole, this provides additional room. Many wearers find they do not need their own orthotic, due to the soft sole promoting sensorimotor exercise.

I have a bunion, are they still suitable?

In traditional footwear, pressure is positioned on the heel at strike and extended through the big toe during lift off. This can lead to painful bunions, also known as hallux valgus. Joya evens the load put on the foot, thanks to promoting the natural rolling motion. Therefore, less force is put through the big-toe joint, making Joya suitable for bunions.

Can Joya shoes help with my arthrosis?

The soft cushioned sole and active walking technology within Joya shoes helps to distribute peak loads. Making Joya an excellent choice for arthrosis.

I have arthritis, can I wear Joya?

Osteoarthritis can cause pain in the joints through injury or overuse, regularly experienced in the ankle and big toe. Over moment of the joint can cause intense pain. Soft-soles shoes with a rolling motion helps to alleviate pain caused by peak impacts. Therefore, making Joya an excellent choice. Rheumatoid arthritis caused selling, pain and deformity, whilst the skin can become prone to damages. Shoes with a soft lining and plenty of room are recommended. Joya shoes premium lining makes them a great choice for sufferers.

Are Joya suitable for metatarsalgia?

Joya shoes are designed to help with metatarsalgia, as the patented sole technology reduces the load of the forefoot. ShoeMed recommends Senso styles for those suffering with metatarsalgia. Such as the Women’s Audrey and Laura and Men’s Edward, Fisherman, Mustang and Paso Fino.

Can I wear Joya shoes before my knee or hip surgery?

The soft sole within each Joya shoe forces your body into micro-stabilising movements, this helps to improve the joint-stabilisation of knee and hip muscles. The patented sole technology also helps to reduce impacts when walking on firm surfaces. Both factors can help in pre-operative treatment. However, ShoeMed recommends consulting with your doctor to check any additional advisories.

Can Joya Shoes be worn after knee and hip surgery?

ShoeMed recommends a six to eight-week period after your surgery before you start wearing your Joya Shoes again. However, they can be worn during recovery under advice and supervision of a medical professional.

Should I wear Joya Shoes for my slipped disk?

Due to the additional stabilising and strengthening motions caused by Joya, it is recommended they are only worn after you have recovered, or following advice from your doctor. Joya shoes can be worn as a preventative measure, post-recovery.

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How to care for Joya footwear

How to I care for my soles?

Joya midsoles are covered using a half-millimetre thick protective film layer. Designed to be highly elasticated, the film layer creates a defence against wear. Do not damage the protective film layer, as this could lead to further deterioration of the sole unit.

How does the tread wear?

The tread on Joya shoes is designed to prevent wearing. Each tread can last at least four million steps before the material wears out. Under normal use, this is a period of around two years of use. However, this may occur quicker in work environments due to constant use. As the tread is designed to outlast the cushioning of the shoe, if your tread is worn through we recommend replacing your footwear.

How do I care for leather?

Many styles in the Joya range feature premium natural leather. Like all leather products, the material requires reasonable care and can experience water damage, patina and stretching. Due to leather being a natural material, colours may vary by shoe, batch and overtime. To maximise the life of your leather shoes, we recommended using a suitable leather treatment.

What are some general care rules?

To the softness of the sole, avoid contact with fluids including disinfectants, acids and oil, salts and fats, as this can cause accelerated deterioration.

What should I do if my Joya’s get wet?

Do not place Joya shoes near a heater or radiator as this can cause damage. To dry, leave at room temperature. Standing the shoes upright can aid circulation.

How do I wash my Joya Shoes?

Do not machine wash. If cleaning is required, hand wash using lukewarm water.

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Are Joya shoes worth the money?

ShoeMed has helped thousands of customers lead a more active and comfortable lifestyle with Joya Shoes. Suitable for a range of medical conditions, the unique patented sole technology turns walking into a true experience. We find Joya customers incredibly loyal to the brand, once you purchase a pair you will never look back.

What are ShoeMed’s best-selling Joya Styles?

Our customers love the Joya range and frequently come back to find new styles. We love the Women’s Vancouver and Electra, as well as Men’s David and Flash range. Find out best-selling Joya styles here.

Do Joya shoes go on sale?

ShoeMed offers the widest range of Joya shoes available, from the latest styles, to a range of last season Joya shoes clearance. Our Joya shoes sale lines can be found here.

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