The unique sole on MBT transforms the hard, flat surfaces we walk on into a soft, uneven one. This introduces a natural instability underfoot causing the body to automatically react, therefore increasing muscle activity 

The curved soles on mbt promote a gentle rolling motion as you step, relieving stress on the joints and lower back.  The sensor in the heels introduces the instability during heel strike, and finally the balancing area in mid-stance promotes a more upright posture and activates a large number of stabilising muscles throughout the whole body while walking and standing.

MBT shoes can benefit your body both in walking and in standing by increasing the muscle activity in your back, buttocks, abdominal muscles and ankle joints.  The instability in the sole means that in fact, you never stand completely still.  a word of warning… they can be highly addictive!  Once worn, you can feel the benefits of increased activity and they feel completely different to any shoe you have tried before.  why not start improving your muscle strength, balance and posture today?