Important things to know to keep you on your feet!

For obvious reasons, here at Shoemed we are quite emphatic about walking (walking for health, not to the shops for milk), and if you read our blog last week you should be able to see why. To summarise, walking promotes healthy living and reduces the risk of developing things like cancer, dementia and heart conditions. We must however be aware that the more we walk, the more strain we will be putting on our feet so we MUST be wearing good footwear! 

This is where we come in. ShoeMed stocks specialist footwear designed to alleviate pain, excessive pressure and discomfort. One of the most common issues we see in our stores is people are jamming their feet into shoes that simply do not fit or offer enough room. Things like bunions and hammer toes can develop quite quickly and may not be immediately noticeable - but they will drastically effect the fit of your footwear. 

Take this shoe for example, the Fidelio Hi Energy 526101. Made with incredibly soft leathers it offers a spacious, wider fit and has the capacity to accommodate conditions such as bunions and hammer toes as the leather offers a very generous amount of stretch. Thanks to the highly anatomical shape of the footbed it offers significant support all over the foot, including the arch. There are lots and lots of bones, tendons and muscles in our feet and they all need to be correctly aligned to be able to work in tandem with each other. 

This shoe is just one of many problem solvers we stock at ShoeMed and we will be writing about more in the future so keep a keen eye out! We are always available to advise you on footwear and guide you in the right direction should you get a little lost. Simply email and we will be happy to help.