YDA Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

YDA - Your Daily Activity offers comfortable rocker shoes with added health benefits

What are YDA Shoes?

YDA Shoes offer a wide fitting stable rocker shoe designed to prevent rubbing and provide you with stability to keep your feet feeling fresh. YDA – Your Daily Activity shoes can help those with swollen feet and ankles, hammer toes, bunions and wearers of a full-length orthosis (shoe insert).

YDA shoes are lightweight, deep, wide and seam free. Each YDA Vault trainer has a spring plate in the bottom of the shoe, helping to guide your feet through the natural walking motion. YDA rocker shoes also help to prevent peak pressure from heel striking and helps to promote a healthy gait. The heel counter is heavily padded, to prevent any rubbing and provide support. Also included are easy-fit elastic laces that are help people who have difficulty with fastening, however Vault trainers also include regular laces to help you find your best fit. YDA rocker trainers are ideal for wide fitting feet who want to find comfort.Thanks to the removable supportive insole, foot orthoses fit easily, and YDA are able to support an AFO (ankle/foot orthosis). This makes YDA – Your Daily activity an excellent choice for suffers from CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth) disease, who have had a stroke or a spinal injury. Suffers of diabetes can also benefit from YDA shoes thanks to the seam free cushioned upper. This helps to prevent rubbing and can help in the prevention of foot ulcers.


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