Discover Comfort and Style with Legero Shoes – A Comprehensive Guide to Comfort

Let's delve into the realm of Legero Shoes – renowned for their lightweight, stylish designs and exceptional comfort. Whether you're a fan of sneakers, sandals, boots, or more, Legero has something to offer for every step of your journey.
Legero is a family-run company founded in Austria in 1872. Internationally successful with headquarters in Graz, the company aims to inspire people, improve their quality of life, and conserve natural resources through thoughtful design, sustainable materials, and high wearing comfort.
Sustainability and fairness are top priorities in every step of production. The brand emphasizes processing materials of the best quality and ensuring fair working conditions for employees.
Legero expresses a passion for contributing to customers' well-being by focusing on comfort, lightness, and a unique feeling of ease. The brand is dedicated to taking care of customers' feet, making them the favorite shoes for women.

Why do feet love the Legero Tanaro?

At the core of Legero's philosophy is a simple yet profound mission – to care for customers' feet and provide a unique feeling of comfort and lightness. The brand's dedication to quality materials, precision design, and rigorous quality checks makes Legero shoes a favorite among women seeking both style and well-being.

How do I wear Legero boots and trainers?

Legero shoes effortlessly blend with monochrome outfits, offering a touch of elegance to your business casual look. Smooth leather sneakers, sandals, or boots enhance the overall appeal, making a stylish statement at the office.
For a casual yet chic look, pair sporty Legero sneakers with dresses, skirts, or trendy trousers. Opt for knee or mid-length skirts to strike the perfect balance, creating a versatile wardrobe for various occasions.Complete your Legero look with carefully chosen accessories – bags, belts, or jewelry. Muted colors for bags and a well-balanced color combination ensure a polished finish to your ensemble.

Legero Tanaro Aria
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Are Legero Tanaro sustaible?

Legero Shoes is committed to socially fair and environmentally friendly production across its entire value chain, emphasizing sustainability throughout the design and manufacturing process. The company exceeds legal requirements and industry standards, ensuring the highest quality and sustainability in its collections. Key points include:
Quality Assurance and Sustainability: Legero's dedicated department ensures that all models meet high standards for longevity, material quality, and sustainability, surpassing legal requirements.
Manufacturing Standards: Most collections are produced in their own locations, which are environmentally managed and certified (EMAS or ISO14001). Partners adhere to a strict code of conduct, ensuring transparency, quality, and the use of tested materials.
Women's Shoes Focus: Attention is given to durability, light and non-slip soles, foot climate, and sustainability thresholds exceeding legal standards in women's shoes.
Leather Linings: All leather linings meet the VIOS standard, using chrome-free tanning, adhering to low additive limits, and surpassing industry standards in material tests.
Awards and Certifications: Legero Shoes has been awarded the Blue Angel and the Austrian Ecolabel, showcasing a commitment to environmental protection and health standards.
Material Testing: All materials undergo testing in accredited laboratories to ensure adherence to high sustainability standards before approval for further processing.
Environmental-Friendly Production: From leather tanning to textile processing, sustainable production practices are employed, utilizing certified tanneries and aiming for gold or silver certification by the Leather Working Group.
Socially Fair Manufacturing: Legero's code of conduct ensures social criteria are observed, promoting occupational safety and social justice for both their employees and suppliers globally.
Innovative Materials: TENCEL™ Modal fibers and bamboo fibers are used in selected collections for their sustainability, gentleness on the skin, and temperature-regulating properties.
VIOS Development Platform: Established in 2013, VIOS focuses on sustainable materials, setting high threshold requirements through its Restricted Substance List, ensuring the use of sustainable materials in production.
Eco-Database: Legero's in-house eco-database calculates the carbon footprint across their collections, allowing for targeted measures to reduce environmental impact. It received recognition from the Austrian Federal Environment Agency.
Participation in Initiatives: Legero Shoes actively participates in various initiatives such as the Higg Index, iVN, respACT, the Leather Working Group, cads, and the Science Based Target Initiative to contribute to a sustainable future.
Consumer-Friendly Sustainability: With the legero Eco Agenda, the company aims to make it easy for wearers to take a step towards a sustainable future, offering shoes with timeless design, a perfect fit, the light legero feel, and high sustainability standards.

Legero Tanaro Trainer
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How do I care for Legero Shoes and Boots?

General Care Tips:
Avoid cleaning shoes in the washing machine, as it damages the upper and sole.
Allow wet shoes to dry slowly at room temperature, avoiding heaters or direct sunlight to prevent leather hardening.
Remove insoles, stuff newspaper inside, and use a shoe tree to maintain shape during drying.
Read Instructions:
Impregnate shoes if cleaned when damp or wet.
Test cleaning and impregnating agents on a small area before full application.
Read and follow instructions for care and impregnation agents to prevent unexpected outcomes.
Cleaning and Care for Different Materials:
Smooth Leather:
Clean with shoe polish or waterproofing spray after removing laces.
Stains may require wiping with a damp cloth.
Apply a thin layer of shoe polish, allow to dry, and polish for shine and protection.
Suede Leather:
Use special brushes and rubber cleaners for cleaning.
Brush suede before cleaning and use mild cleaners for heavy soiling.
Suede leathers require impregnation for moisture protection.
Effect Leather:
Avoid hard brushes; use a damp cloth and solvent-free care products.
Test care products on a small area before full application.
Polish with a dry, soft cloth after allowing care products to dry.
Textile Shoes:
Avoid washing machines; clean with a brush or a damp cloth.
Use special foam cleaners with soft brushes for stubborn dirt.
Regular waterproofing recommended for functional shoes.
Loden (Textile Material):
Dry cleaning with a soft brush is usually sufficient.
The loden used is water and dirt-repellent; regular airing and brushing maintain its quality.
Special cleaners are available for stubborn stains.
Handling Mishaps:
Dab up liquid with kitchen paper or a clean cloth for immediate action.
For stubborn stains, use special cleaners available in shoe shops.
Follow instructions for use in all cases.
Avoid Washing Machine and Radiators:
Prohibit the use of washing machines and radiators for all types of shoes.
Regular airing and brushing with a soft natural hair brush optimize fabric quality for loden shoes.

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