With face masks compulsory in shops now, we are all getting used to wearing them on a day to day basis – including the staff at ShoeMed. Even before they were compulsory ShoeMed took the step of making them a requirement in order to protect our staff and our customers.  And as many of our customers who visit our shops are in a vulnerable group, it is essential that they feel safe and secure.  In the last few weeks many customers have said to us that this is the first time they have been out, which to us all is a privilege and also a responsibility.
This is also is why we are taking a number of measures, including making shoe fitting by timed appointment, limiting the number of staff and customers in the shop, providing hand sanitising stations and of course we wear masks too.
We have got used to our cork masks pretty quickly and we also have disposable ones for customers if you do happen to forget yours.
If you are getting out and about, you maybe have seen these around and sadly not just on people’s faces. Disposable it appears they are - just sometimes not in bins and we spot them on pavements, grass verges or paths. Whether deliberately disposed of or accidentally dropped form a pocket - plastic waste is something we were all trying to minimise pre Covid-19 and we should continue to be aware of during and after the pandemic too!
ShoeMed masks are made of waterproof, breathable cork with a replaceable filter insert. Looking ahead for the rainier days, a mask that doesn’t go soggy is going to be a plus and also as the temperature drops, a design that is less likely to steam up your spectacles is a bonus.  The cork mask drops lower around your eyes so spectacle wearers can put their spectacles over it at the bridge of the nose if that is comfortable, but the mask doesn’t tuck right up under the lenses like the surgical style ones.

Cork Mask - Reusable ecological £14.95

Finally having worn both types of mask, ShoeMed’s own Lisa can confirm that even if you are not running up and down stairs to fetch boxes of shoes - the cork mask is cooler to wear.
We look forward to seeing you sporting whatever mask you choose, we are happy to send you masks by order over the phone or via our website and we hope that whatever you are doing you stay safe.