Put simply, MBT Shoes make all surfaces feel like you are walking in sand, so they turn a solid surface into a soft surface, therefore encouraging the body to strengthen and train the core stability with better posture and cushioning.   MBT Shoes are not a new invention – they first came onto the market in 1996 as a result of the founder, Karl Muller, visiting Korea and noticing that whilst walking in the soft surface of paddy fields, that his back pain was reduced.  The semi-nomadic tribes of the Masai in East Africa have almost no joint or back pain and have remarkable athletic ability which seems to come from walking on soft, natural ground and having to balance their bodies with each step.  Hence MBT Shoes are designed to simulate this experience.

Since 1996 the MBT range has changed and improved, with new materials being used on the heel sensor which has made the shoes longer wearing and definitely bouncier!  I wear the style ‘Simba’ and having had a back operation many years ago, can honestly say I have definitely noticed an improvement.  If I am standing all day, this is my ‘go to’ shoe to keep lower back pain at bay, and also I have no pain from my Morton’s neuroma when wearing these shoes.  The soft heel and rocker sole mean that I get the cushioning for my back, better posture and I don’t spend as much time on my forefoot area, therefore reducing pressure on the Morton’s neuroma.

But how do they work?  Well, MBT shoes with their unique (design protected) curved sole made of layers of different density materials, change your poor posture and gait into a more active gait which is gentler on the back.  With MBT Shoes on, you stretch your calf muscles, rolling forwards onto the sensor which encourages the instability, so your body automatically moves to gain more stability, hence the strengthening of your muscles.  The pelvis is tilted into a better position and your core muscles work harder to maintain a centre of balance.  With every step this is happening !  These shoes are totally unique and you feel like you are bouncing along and can feel almost no shock or hard impact with every step.

With styles of MBT for both men and women on offer, everyone can benefit from wearing these therapeutic shoes.  Whether at work, or going on long walk, now is the time to get regularly active.  Even at work we should be getting up regularly and walking around – summer is here so the weather is ideal to get outside for physical and mental well-being.   With the COVID-19 virus still very much a part of our lives, we must maintain a healthy weight and active lifestyle to help protect ourselves against getting sick.  The latest Government guidance is encouraging all of us to get off our chairs and be exercising so if foot, ankle, knee or back pain is stopping you – why not invest in a great pair of shoes to help yourself?