You are more than likely familiar with the term every journey starts with the first step. Foot metaphors aside this could not be more relevant for one of our best selling brands - Fidelio. After starting as a shoe wholesaler in 1995, owner Martin Kasperek realised that Fidelio had the potential to fill a huge gap in the market - footwear with a removable footbed. As such, Fidelio moved into producing footwear commercially in 2003 which laid the foundations for the shoes & sandals you see in ShoeMed today. 

If you have been in or around one of our stores, you may have seen the word ‘Hallux’ here and there. Hallux is the medical term for our big toe - and also the name of the third range Fidelio launched in 2006. This was the first range to feature the highly innovative stretchy insert that we can see in the shoes now, and was called Hallux due to its ability to accommodate feet with slight contortions around the toes. 


Let’s move away from the history of Fidelio and talk about what they actually do. The focal benefit of wearing Fidelio footwear is how great that are when it comes to accommodating feet affected by bunions - to the point where the slogan on all the posters they send us is ‘Bunion insert perfect for sensitive feet’. Now as a 24 year old male I do not have bunions nor am I likely to get them any time soon looking at the statistics, but I can go by what I have seen during my time at ShoeMed and I will happily back this slogan with undeniable confidence! 


Sometimes trying to find a shoe that can fit a bunion is like a modern day Cinderella, with some small changes of course. Bunions are troublesome as they only affect the front section of the foot, which makes things quite tricky around the ankles! Essentially what Fidelio have done is create a product that offers the width where you need it without compromising the general fit of the shoe. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries about any of our products or wanted to know more information, we are always happy to chat! The phone numbers change depending on the store and can be found at the bottom of our website. 

Stay safe, 

The ShoeMed Team