I am not quite sure how, but it is now mid October.  A wet autumn is upon us and we are no doubt thinking about leaving the sandals behind. I know they’re pretty but we need to be thinking more about grip, insulation, waterproof and stability! Canterbury is a lovely place ripe with history - but the cobblestones are slippery on a good day, let alone when covered in rain. Our Muck boot range was extremely popular last winter and we have great news - they’re back in stock! 

The Edgewater II Tall Moss available at ShoeMed Canterbury & Stratford upon Avon both in-store and online. Stylish, cosy & comfortable! Available in sizes 4 -14. 

Muck boots exist primarily to well, deal with walking in mud and muck. Who would’ve thought?! The Original Muck Boot Company® sought out to create a product that was both equal parts cosy and comfortable, and is likely the only boot you will find that is genuinely 100% waterproof. Since the company was founded over 2 decades ago they have continued to innovate and develop footwear that will keep you in your comfort zone and withstand the elements all year round no matter the season. Warm, dry feet are great but keeping them supported with comfort in mind is equally as important. A dry foot with a poorly structured shoe will still be unhappy! Muck boots come without compromise. With reinforced padding in the achilles and forefoot they will cushion the impact when taking those long country walks keeping you on your feet for much longer… if you take a dog with you I’m sure they will appreciate the extra miles!  They also feature a removable footbed so there is the option of using your own orthotics inside.

Sometimes writing these blogs I feel like a broken record - but here at ShoeMed we really do source the finest comfort footwear available and Muck Boots are no exception. Our stores are in fantastic locations and all three are dense with rich countryside you can lose yourself in this coming winter (not literally, that’s dangerous). Plus, you can currently enjoy an exclusive 5% discount on our range of Muck Boots for the rest of the year using code MUCK5. So go ahead, treat yourself! 

Click here to see the range, available both in-store and online. Stay safe and happy shopping!