This week we are placing a bit of emphasis on our only footwear brand from the Netherlands - Durea! As well as making footwear that is a fantastic solution to problematic feet, Durea pride themselves on traditional craftsmanship, the quality of the footwear and the service they provide. No shoe leaves the factory without extensive levels of quality assurance checking to make sure every pair is perfect. Durea footwear is stiff soled and designed to be firm - which achieves a couple of things. The first is to reduce the flex in the toe joints, which you will feel the benefits of if you suffer from osteoarthritis, as the wearing down of cartilage can cause an awful lot of pain, discomfort and swelling in the forefoot. The second is it allows our bodyweight to be distributed over a much wider surface area, so you will not get those annoying spots in your shoes where the sole is about a millimetre thick!  These stiff soles, along with the very firm heel counters, are great for countering excessive pronation & supination as they stabilise the foot and guide it forwards.All of the footwear features a removable footbed so they do allow you to use your own custom foot orthoses/inserts in them if necessary. Taking the insole out will provide you with a nice deep fit capable of accommodating most inserts - we have even managed to fit a whole foot ankle brace in there before! Some of our other brands rely on the footbed to maintain their stiffness but Durea shoes are extremely rigid with or without it, thanks to their extra strong reinforced sole.