So October is upon us... A spooky time of the year - but something even spookier and scarier than Halloween are problematic, painful feet. That may sound cheap, but Halloween comes and goes. Problematic feet can cause issues for years! I’m sure if any of you have ever suffered with foot pain, then you can put some weight behind that statement.  We take for granted walking around for work or pleasure until it becomes an issue as our mobility and independence are so important.

All of the footwear we stock in-store at ShoeMed serve a purpose. We have shoes that cater for wider or swollen feet, bunions, hammer toes, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, and of course plantar fasciitis. We even have welly boots with a removable footbed!  We can only do so much however; you should always be checking your feet yourself or through regular visits to your podiatrist. This is of utmost importance if you have diabetes.  Neglecting your feet can cause problems that are far scarier than any costume you’ll see this week! 

The Canterbury Ghost Tour

Despite our current restrictions, Halloween is always a time to be going out and having fun. Children and grandchildren will most certainly want to go trick or treating, and fortunately for us both our Canterbury and Stratford upon Avon shops are situated in locations incredibly rich with spooky history! Ghost tours are available in both areas and if you are planning a visit to one of our stores in the coming days we would highly recommend them. 

So with that -  have a great Halloween weekend and remember, if you have scary feet - ShoeMed is the place to visit as we love to help feet of all shapes and sizes.

 The ShoeMed team