If you were to read one decent piece of advice today it would be this - go and look at our Waldlaufer boots! They’re fantastic. Waldlaufer is one of our German brands that we take great pride in stocking. Not only are they robust, built for comfort and incredibly supportive, they are also designed with the core principles of Waldlaufer - which are sustainability and advancement. 

All Waldlaufer footwear come standard with removable footbeds so they are perfect if you are looking for something you can use your own inserts in. Believe me, I know the pain of cramming an orthotic into a shoe that doesn’t fit. It’s not pretty, often ends with creative language and a foul mood!  Luckily we can bypass this feeling with a removable footbed as it creates more than enough room.

However, that's not to say the footbeds do not offer support if left in the footwear.  The footbeds are shaped anatomically which means they are moulded and shaped to fit our feet perfectly. This allows the foot to sit more naturally, reducing the chance of getting those painful spots when we walk where the foot is not sufficiently supported. The heel and forefoot will also feel the benefits from some extra shock absorbing cushioning! 

Haruka - £109.95. Available in sizes 3-9.

Waldlaufer footwear is lightweight, comfortable and can seamlessly fit into any wardrobe at any time of the year and each pair comes guaranteed to uphold the consistently high standards. So they’re light, comfy, supportive and durable - plus Waldlaufer are incredibly passionate about sustainability. Whats not to love!? Treat yourself to a pair of boots during the November lockdown, and enjoy a special 15% discount on Waldlaufer boots using code ‘NOVEMBER2020’.

The ShoeMed Team