A couple of weeks ago we wrote about how important it is to keep our feet warm, dry and insulated over the winter months. Ultimately, cold feet lead to all sorts of problems such as trouble sleeping, aches, and general lower body temperature which will make you colder. With that in mind It may be wise to consider a good pair of house shoes to see you through the winter.  Many falls occur at home, so even if you are only walking around the home, you still need supportive, warm footwear.

We have a fantastic range of house shoes at ShoeMed. You should always wear something on your feet even when pottering about the house - whether outdoors or inside our entire bodyweight goes through the feet so it is important they have sufficient support no matter where we are. Wearing a shoe with a nice stable sole will also help keep you balanced and help to minimise risk of a fall. 

'Jill' from DB - £79.95 

As one example, the shoe 'Jill' from DB shoes is a fantastic option this winter as it is the perfect house shoe. The soft stretchy material protects the skin and is ideal if you have slightly swollen feet or protrusions such as bunions or hammer toes. The sole is soft, cushioned and will provide just the right amount of grip. Also it is worth mentioning you can remove the insole from these shoes if you would like to replace it with your own inserts. 

'Jason' for men, great for indoor and outdoor use - £79.95

Our range of slippers and lightweight house shoes will make for a brilliant, thoughtful gift this holiday season, so why wait!