We have written about Finn Comfort in the past and how fantastic their footwear is, but we have not really explored the brand history and ethos.  Finn Comfort are among a select few that still make their own shoes and do not use a third party manufacturer. This means they oversee every aspect of the design process, allowing them to implement rigorous quality control to guarantee every pair is perfect. 

Health professionals are consulted at every stage of Finn Comfort product development to create a shoe that has a positive effect on your physical wellbeing - therefore a shoe you will love to wear. The anatomical shape of the footbed allows the foot to sit in its most natural position. The heel, arch, tendons & bones are gently realigned, enabling them to work together as nature intended. Walking in these shoes is supportive and like walking in the sand, allows your feet to spread to where nature intended them to so they can function correctly.

In a world with a lot of synthetic materials, Finn Comfort are refreshingly dedicated to sustainability and environmental compatibility.  They use predominantly raw, renewable high class materials and employ workers local to their village location in Hassfurt, Bavaria.  The shoe soles are stitched to the uppers by hand, and many workers collect the components from the factory and take them home to do this work, allowing flexibility of employment.  The care and quality that goes into these shoes is evident if you have ever held a pair in your hands!  The factory is immaculately clean and organised and continues to grow and expand as people learn more about health and well-being by staying active - and walking is the cheapest, most accessible form of exercise for us all.

Ikebukuro Nappa Blau - £189.95


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