Finn Comfort, all 100% made in Bavaria, Germany are simply put, a ‘one of a kind’ shoe brand.  Unsurpassed for quality and support, they help to solve many common foot complaints and are stocked around the world in specialist, medical type shoe stores with great success.  In Japan they are well known for the ‘Finnamic’ rocker sole range with huge orders being shipped constantly.  Their production facility in Hassfurt, Bavaria was expanded a couple of years ago for increased demand in production.

Finnamic Ikebukuro Sartor Rock £189.95
In fact, the above shoe ‘Ikebukuro’ is named after a district in Toshima, Tokyo.  Ikebukuro is the original Finnamic rocker sole shoe and is still a top seller.  Made with 100% calfskin leather inside and out, it combines stability, support and cushioning to help with foot pain such as Morton’s neuroma, plantar fasciitis and arthritis of the foot and ankle.  Here at ShoeMed we offer colours of Ikebukuro not even found in other shops worldwide!

Gomera Graffiti Weiss NOW 99.95 WAS 134.95

Each Finn Comfort sandal comes with a removable, full length cork and leather footbed.  Why is it removable?  So that when they get dirty or worn, they can easily be replaced with a fresh footbed.  Finn Comfort sandals offer a wider fitting with adjustable straps.  The style shown above is ‘Gomera’ in a seasonal special leather pattern of ‘Graffiti’ – why not colour yours in?  The leather is soft and supple and the inside fully leather to keep your feet cool.
Each Finn Comfort shoe is made over certain lasts, so they offer variable widths and depths according to the last used.  So, we are sure to be able to find you a fitting which is perfect for your feet.  There is a full range of shoes for men and women, with some particular areas of speciality for people with diabetes and arthritis in the ‘prevention’ range.  These shoes are made with extra soft leather and also an extra soft padded foam layer inserted between the upper and the lining inside.  It is better to be fitted in-store for these types of shoes so we can take extra care and attention with your fitting.  If however this is not possible, we can offer a phone or even a video consultation to help you to the best of our ability to find the perfect shoe.

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