Hi, it's Amanda here at ShoeMed - we have been selling OOfos for over a year now and what a year! Here at ShoeMed we see lots of different styles of shoe and as well as attending shoe fairs we also welcome visits from reps wanting to show us their latest technologies or products they have to offer.

Lisa and our team carefully evaluate what each shoe adds to our range and look at the quality and value of each item before making a cautious selection.
OOfos were a new addition to our range and are promoted as a recovery shoe. They were developed for athletes who had given their feet a pounding and needed a cool down, comfort and stretch after exercise. 

The company have had a lot of positive feedback but one phrase keeps on popping up. Plantar Fasciitis. Yes - the common but painful condition of damage to the structures under the foot.  The company heard from lots of people that the Oofos slipper/sandal has relieved the pain they had been feeling from the condition. The shoe is still not made or marketed as a plantar relief shoe but we stock it for that reason. Comforting foam, but also the huge support under the arch has found that for sufferers it seems to allow the foot to heal. 

Use Oofos instead of slippers to ensure the foot is never left unsupported!  They are excellent to avoid the early morning straight out of bed hobble. ShoeMed stock slide on ones which are our most popular and cost effective product, alongside a toe post option. Customers in the extra deep or extra wide size range might like the adjustable strap version.
It is a product that is a great addition to your footwear range and one that I personally find indispensable,  especially if you are experiencing pain from Plantar Fasciitis. But they are also great if you just want a more supportive light slipper alternative - Oofos would be a good buy for you. If you are unable to pop in the shop please phone for fitting advice or go to our website and we can post you a pair. If you are already one of the many happy Oofos wearers and want a replacement pair please ring with your size or check out the website.  And remember - a professional diagnosis is always best, so we do advise to see a podiatrist if your condition is not improving.


OOoahh Black Unisex