Ziera Shoes are well known in Australia and New Zealand, as they were originally made in Auckland, New Zealand, and sold extensively through independent shoe shops and their own branded concept stores.  As many of you know, I trained and worked in Australia so I knew this brand very well and decided to order some for our shops here.  At Ziera, their goal has always been to provide shoes for women which offer a more fashionable choice if someone uses foot orthotics, needs arch support and cushioning, or has a wider and deeper fitting requirement.  Many podiatrists in the southern hemisphere recommend Ziera shoes on a daily basis to help their patients to find the perfect fit, and particularly if the podiatrist is making an orthotic device to help with plantar fasciitis, sore metatarsals, painful knees or flat arches.  They will need a shoe which fits this device easily so that the person can use them as much as possible.

As we come out of lockdown, we have stock of Ziera for the summer season to offer you at a very special price indeed online and in our Stratford upon Avon and Canterbury stores - one such example is the lovely 'Delta' sandal as shown below.  Delta is made of a pretty printed nubuck leather with two adjustable straps, one at the ankle and one over the toes.  The strap over the toes has a flower decoration so it hides the toes a little and the strap around the ankle is nice and slim.  The sole unit is a lightweight wedge, and the padded arch support is removable if you need it to be.

Another style of sandal is 'Doxie' which is a lovely soft leather, with  loop style soft fastenings, so both flattering and practical to wear.  The leather loops are found over the toes and ankle, so again both fully adjustable for any swelling which you have, and also to tighten up for a secure fit.  In particular the taupe metallic is a handy neutral colour with a slight shimmer, to look dressy with a summer outfit.  Doxie also has the removable arch support if you wish to use your own foot orthotics.
Do you need any help with your sizing?  Feel welcome to call me on 07703 608294 or email lisa@shoemed.co.uk