Every Easy B shoe is made to fit feet which are wide, maybe have bunions, hammer toes or swollen feet.  If you have wasted a lot of money on shoes which have not fitted you properly, then this is a brand you should try, we have hundreds of customers who wear nothing else now and simply buy a new pair every season to build up their collection of beautifully comfortable footwear!

Alongside the width and depth offered by these shoes, the soles are also made of a lovely cushioning material to ease the strain on your joints.  Many styles also accommodate foot orthotics (shoe inserts) as the insoles are removable to allow this.  There are casual walking shoes, sandals and smarter style shoes and in winter a great range of ankle boots - in Winter 2020 there are even some Vegan boots and shoes being made available.

There is a large range of Easy B footwear on offer, we select and stock our favourites which we know work well for our customers but also offer a service in-store where we can order in shoes as required for you.  Maybe it is about time to ring and make an appointment at your nearest ShoeMed store for a measurement and fitting?  

Online offer only - EASYB15 will give you 15% off any full priced shoe.

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