Learn about bunions

Bunions or Hallux Valgus are usually encountered as a protruding joint where the big toe joins the foot.  It can be genetic, caused by conditions such as arthritis, bio-mechanical or due to a history of ill fitting footwear . In some cases hammer toes  or overlapping toes can cause additional pain as the toes can rub on the upper part of a shoe. Whilst some bunions can be treated with surgery here at ShoeMed we much prefer the option of treating them to some well fitting footwear.

Before finding ShoeMed many customers struggled to find comfortable shoes because the heel and ankle remained slim while the forefoot needed extra space.  ShoeMed specialises in wider fit shoes for all sizes of heel and nice soft leathers to ease the pain for hammer toes. With bunions it is a good idea to choose a shoe that offers a good level of arch support or can accommodate an orthotic - prescribed or off the shelf, if extra support is required.

Mens and ladies Fidelio shoes are ever popular and the leathers used offer comfort and a discreet camouflage for any lumps and bumps. With the addition of other brands such as Legero or Wauldlaufer offering styles with seam free comfort in a choice of straps or lace ups, there is a shoe for every occasion, including summer sandals. It is really important to get your shoes properly fitted to accommodate the bunion comfortably and ensure the foot is able to bend correctly so please pop into store for our measuring and fitting service.