MERRELL: Redefining High-Performance Shoes

Look around your local high street and you can see that there is a quiet revolution going on with footwear. Gone are the days of heels and unsupportive flats among the young (and young at heart) and trainers and walking shoes has become the kings of the pavement. One brand stands heads and shoulders for the more discerning customer: Merrell has been the household name when it comes to walking shoes, and with good reason. Since its inception in 1981, the brand has been eponymous with high-performance hiking boots and shoes. But what makes Merrell so popular among the masses?


To answer this, we need to go back to the brand’s history, where two executives for the Rossignol Ski company, Clark Matis and John Schweizer, approached Randal Ivan Merrell, a custom boot maker who regularly sold bespoke items to the upper echelon at $500 a pair. Merrell designed a robust, high-performance boot that was easy to make and affordable, bringing in a wider range of clientele for the fledgling company. However, Merrell would later on sell his shares of the company that bore his name in 1986, preferring to go back to his old way of making boots.


Well-known brands did not become as such without a good reason, and Merrell has been the go-to if you want long-lasting comfort. At present, using better technology and design, Merrell has created a wider line of performance shoes, boots and sandals for a dizzying array of sports and leisure. Each shoe has been made to the company’s exacting standards to ensure that each shoe keeps delivering whatever punishing activity you might get into. Their new casual range has made it accessible to a more fashionable audience. Worldwide, Merrell sells $500 million worth of shoes every year.


At ShoeMed, our range is exclusively curated for those who require comfort and performance, but with an added consideration for those with problem feet. The insoles are removable and the last are wider and deeper--more than Merrell shoes you can find in the high street--to accommodate orthoses. The Vibram insoles are robust, with better grip and ensuring a better tread even in wet conditions. The shoes are also Gore-Tex lined to keep your feet dry whatever the weather.


So don’t delay, see what we have instore and experience the comfort of Merrell for yourself!