Oofos: Recovery Footwear

Our feet go through a lot! Not only the essentials of our everyday life but our sports and leisure activities can give our feet a pounding.

At ShoeMed we can provide you with good supportive , comfortable shoes to provide for the daily needs of your feet but caring for your feet shouldnt stop as you walk in your door. 

At the end of a long day your feet will love the OOooh of a comfortable bit of cushioning. They feel like a lovely massage you wear on your feet. Customers who try them in store fall in love with them very quickly!


Oofos were designed as a recovery shoe for athletes and marathon runners as a warm up and cool down for their feet.  They are a high density closed foam shoe with a really generous arch support. When the company launched its product they received a lot of positive feedback but interestingly heard from a lot of sportspeople who recounted how their Oofos had eased the pain of plantar fasciitis. 

ShoeMed has a comprehensive package of foot care for plantar fasciitis and adding OOfos to our range has given us a  great cost effective way of easing your pain, especially first thing in the morning as well as after a long day on your feet.

We stock both toe post and slide on styles with an adjustable width slider for wider or deeper feet. 

We recommend putting them by your bed and putting them on before weight bearing  to reduce the early morning discomfort felt in the heel. As a closed foam they are easily cleaned and can be worn poolside. They are lightweight and ideal for popping in your suitcase.

We suggest you call into one of our stores for assistance from our shoe fitting teams to choose the style and size for you. Give your feet a treat and join the growing number of people feeling the OOooh!