Put on your shoes and DO, OR don’t go out!

In these recent challenging times, we are all experiencing different degrees of confinement at the moment.  Some of us are able to go for an exercise walk outside, some of us will have access to gardens, and some of us will be confined indoors.  What we all face is that we must keep up with our daily exercise both for our physical and mental health.  Keeping the blood circulating with our legs moving to pump the blood and keeping our aerobic capacity strong is so important.  If you have a dog, they will love you more than ever now if their walkies time is increased!

So, we are going to encourage you to try keep on your feet as much as you can – even if you are indoors. Don’t stay in slippers or barefoot all day, especially if you are prone to plantar fasciitis or if you have diabetes.  Try to pop on your supportive shoes and stand and walk a bit with some support under the arch. If your feet are used to being supported in good footwear or with an orthotic they might notice the change if they are suddenly left without anything at all.  If you are doing home aerobics or exercise - still wear your trainers or preferred footwear. If your support insoles in your shoes are looking a little worse for wear please check out our online store or order by phone for a fresh pair of your favourites. If your hobby is cooking and you now have extra time to do lots of this, remember you are standing for long periods of time and a good supportive shoe is crucial to protect your feet, ankles, knees and back from aching.


Your shoes of choice for exercising at home should still be a lace up or strap fastening for support, if you have stairs then walking briskly up and down the stairs will get your heart pumping but you must do this safely, and slip on shoes are a hazard for stairs.  you will want them to be long enough – a thumbs width at the end of your longest toe – and wear socks to absorb perspiration. Another great task to do at this time is to get all of your shoes out and get rid of those which are worn out or not fitting you well anymore – when was the last time you wore them comfortably? Once all this is over you can visit one of our shops to have your feet re-measured and treat yourself to a nice new pair! However, in the mean-time are still able to offer consultations online via our website.