So it has started…..the new addition to the UK’s already awful litter problem.   On my morning walk with Boris my Parson Russell this morning, I came across this, one of 3 masks ‘disposed’ of on Priestfields Recreation Ground.  At the best of times I detest litter but this is just wrong on all levels!

Just yesterday I received an email with an offer to purchase these masks in quantities of 1,000 for .50p each, which got me thinking how many of these masks are being thrown away every day now?  There is absolutely no doubt that they are necessary but it’s time to think a bit more before purchasing them for daily use as there are many more sustainable face mask choices to be made.


Cork is an impermeable material, harvested from Cork Oak trees without needing the tree to be felled.  The cork is stripped off the mature trees, normally around 25 years old, by trained cork harvesters.  Most cork production is in Mediterranean countries such as Spain and Portugal.

Our cork face masks are made in Portugal, in a factory which ordinarily produces cork handbags and purses.  When the coronavirus hit Europe, they quickly came up with the idea of manufacturing face masks from their cork – there by producing an environmentally friendly, long lasting face mask. Cork is completely waterproof and lightweight, so this mask feels lovely to wear and is not hot on your face. There are air holes with a filter which you change, there is one gauze filter included with the mask and you can purchase gauze cheaply from a pharmacy.

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