For people with wide feet, finding a shoe which is comfortable and doesn’t squash the foot is a never ending challenge.  But it isn’t just a wider foot which can cause problems, there are many factors which contribute to a pair of shoes which you just want to take off and throw in the bin!  It is a well known fact that high heels will cause tight calf muscles and put an overload of pressure onto the ball of the foot, as well as squashing toes into a point – they might look great for a short time but your feet may not in the future!


The shape of your toes will make a big difference in shoes fitting – if you have 2nd or 3rd toes which are longer, you need to ensure that these have at enough length before the end of your shoes.  Your toes may be odd shapes, or be ‘clawed’ so they will need more depth over the toe box area of the shoe.  And shoes should not need to be ‘broken in’ !  Your skin will break before the shoes do, and this is particularly dangerous if you have diabetes or poor circulation.  Make sure the shoes are fit for the purpose too – a shoe which is purchased for fashion will probably not make a great all day walking shoe.  Lie down, put your feet up and take a good honest look at the shape of your toes – our bodies change over the years, if your jeans size is not the same as it was ten years ago there is a strong possibility that your feet have changed size and shape as well.



The soles of the shoes should also be wider if you have a wide foot, otherwise you will end up simply hanging off the sole of the shoe.  Shoe manufacturers can put whatever they wish to on their shoes – ‘comfort’, ‘wide, ’cushioning’ – well, they aren’t going to put ‘these shoes are going to hurt’! 


And remember – your feet could have changed so it might be about time to have your feet re-measured and assessed, particularly if you have an underlying health condition such as arthritis or diabetes.  Add life to years - keep walking with your family and friends, keep the circulation going, and stay healthy by investing in a great pair of shoes.