National Walking Month | #WalkThisMay

So the start of May signals the start of national walking month - and we are going to give you all the facts and information to show you just how beneficial it is to walk for your health, and it is the part of ShoeMed to make sure you do it in the best comfy shoes. Walking regularly promotes healthy living and reduces the risk of developing cancers and dementia, dramatically reduces the likelihood of first time high blood pressure and lowers the overall risk of heart attack. However, walking more than usual will put more strain on our feet so we need to make sure they are properly supported in sensible footwear.

According to ActiveNation, a brisk 30 minute walk a day is said to reduce the chance of having a stroke by 27% and will also lower the levels of bad cholesterol in your body. ActiveNation also claims that walking can have just as much of an impact on your cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength as running and can be just as beneficial as taking an antidepressant if you are stressed or suffer with depression or anxiety. All these great benefits however will be completely null and void if you are wearing footwear that will cause issues. The NHS claim you need a comfortable pair of shoes that do not cause blisters - which is true but ambiguous. In our feet there are 26 bones, 30 muscles, and over 100 tendons/ligaments. These all align to create the structure of the foot that gives us mobility, balance and support, and our footwear needs to reinforce this structure. Painful conditions like plantar fasciitis can start to develop if you are wearing shoes with poor arch support!  

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ShoeMed stocks specialist footwear designed to help relieve pain and reduce buildup of excessive pressure points. We also have shoes for orthotics if you have your own custom inserts given to you by your podiatrist as part of a treatment plan for ongoing health concerns. A Joya shoe features unique technology in the sole that simulates walking on a soft, natural surface which allows the foot to rest in an ergonomic position that is optimal for comfort. Joya shoes help minimise the strain of walking by absorbing some of the impact when we walk which stems through the entire core. Your feet, ankles, knees and hips will be happier in Joya!

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Bunions can also be a tricky thing to deal with when it comes to walking as they can severely impact the fit of your shoes and make them pretty uncomfortable! ShoeMed stocks footwear that is specifically designed for bunions, including Fidelio shoes, that feature premium soft leather uppers that will help protect sensitive skin on the feet and prevent rubbing, specifically in the area where the bunion is likely to protrude. 

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Walking for health is a small lifestyle change with tremendous benefits. We want to encourage this change and help you do it. Starting on May 1st ShoeMed is offering 10% off of all qualifying items (make an offer bla bla). Whether you are planning on walking more this month or want to support an already active lifestyle, ShoeMed will help you do it with its fantastic range of supportive, comfortable footwear. Shop online at or book an appointment in our Canterbury or Stratford upon Avon shop by calling 01227 463228.