Struggling to find footwear that can fit your own inserts? Try Fidelio shoes!

Do you use your own inserts/orthotics? If you do, then you likely know the woes of trying to find footwear to fit them in. Sometimes, depending on what they are trying to achieve, inserts can be a little bit thicker than regular footbeds which makes them quite tricky to fit in regular footwear - especially if the footbed is locked in place and cannot be removed. This is where we introduce Fidelio shoes as the solution!

Fidelio shoes are built to accommodate foot conditions like hammer toes, bunions, and generally wider feet. This is achieved by making the shoes with incredibly soft, natural materials that provide amazing amounts of stretch so your feet never feel truly constricted, as well as making the shoes with a lot of depth as standard.

Alongside this, they are also designed with extra allowance in depth on the lasts (the shape the shoes are made over).  This design and their unique components make them a fantastic solution for the fitting of orthotics.  We regularly use Fidelio in our stores when customers want to use their own orthotics. 

A key element that makes Fidelio so successful when it comes to using your own inserts is with every pair, whether winter boots, summer sandals, or anything in-between, the footbed is removable. In the majority of cases this leaves you with more than enough room to work with - even if the insert you are trying to use is perhaps a little bulkier than you would have liked. The insert the shoes come with is extremely supportive and comfortable however!