What are the best shoes to use with your own orthotics?

If you read our blog last week you will know that we spoke about all the benefits behind wearing Fidelio footwear. To summarise, we established one of the main selling points of the brand was their capacity to accommodate for all types of feet and orthotics, thanks to the extra width, depth, and the fact the shoes are made with extremely soft, stretchy leathers. Plus all the full length footbeds are removable, which is always a help for obvious reasons. This week we will focus more on individual products - tried & tested in our stores when it comes to working with orthotics. 

One of our best and most popular choices for fitting orthotics is the Fidelio Hi Energy range . Every shoe in this range is made with the soft, full grain leather mentioned earlier that provides incredible levels of softness and stretch - perfect if you have orthotics that are perhaps a bit heavier than others and take up a lot of room in the shoe. With regular footwear these orthotics would push your feet up too a bit too much and cause them to hit the roof of the shoe - which isn't too comfortable and causes some problems! Fidelio shoes, specifically the Hi Energy range, prevent that from happening due to the extra room they provide the feet with.  As another feature for support, the heel counters are made of thermoplastic, so they are nice and firm and the heat of your foot will help them to mold to the shape of your heels.

526106 59 in Jeans Dante, the perfect shoe going into spring! 

However, that is not to say you need to wear orthotics to benefit from these great shoes! As we pointed out in our blog last week, all Fidelio footwear come with a very supportive anatomically shaped footbed, designed to keep your feet in the optimum position for comfort with arch support and metatarsal support too.