Ziera Footwear - Giving style to your comfort and support

Ziera footwear for women from New Zealand offers the wearer a comfortable, wide fitting and a really supportive sandal for the summer season.  Ziera have been available widely in Australasia for many years and are now available at ShoeMed, both in-store and online.  These sandals will keep you walking with cooler feet in the warm weather, and we know that staying active is crucial for our health nowadays.  Being outside in the sunshine provides a safer environment for our exercise as it is easier to socially distance, and of course - we need to make the most of our British Summer!  Now due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation and our reduced trading hours in our shops, you can find yourself a bargain if you act quickly!  

Delta is a pretty lightweight sandal available in two colours.  The arch support footbed is held in place, but easily removable if you have your own orthotics to fit inside.   (Orthotics are foot supports, sometimes custom made and often provided by podiatrists, once a painful foot condition has been diagnosed.)  The ankle strap is thin to keep the sandal looking pretty but at the same time providing the support.

Doxie is made of lovely soft leather in this taupe metallic colour, which is ideal to match with all colours of summer clothing, and the leather has a nice sheen to provide a bit of a dressier look.  Doxies’ heel counters are firm for support and again, the footbed is removable if required.  The ankle strap loop fastening is very flattering, even if you have some ankle swelling.

 Finally, the style below is Urban which is a lightweight, supportive summer shoe just in case you don't like to show off your toes :-)

Happy summer walking!